Part One: Outdoors.

The main outdoor area of the show sits in the shadow of the imposing grandstand canopy at Sandown Racecourse. Hosting the club area, the outdoor section is always a plethora of colours and styles, from full-scale restorations to stanced and patina'd offerings. Whichever way you turn there is something new to discover, and the eclectic mix of styles ensures that despite looking at a very limited selection of models (being made up of mostly Beetles and a few Buses) it is still thoroughly entertaining.

The other side of the show also plays host to a Transporter display area, showcasing offerings from the later T4 and T5 ranges, again of a fantastically high quality and showing that stance truly can be practical when executed in the right way.
Part Two: Inside.

Inside the halls of Sandown Park sits the showcase section of the Volksworld Show. Split across two floors, the cars on display are truly some of the best offerings the aircooled world has to show, again giving an eclectic mix of styles and vehicles. From slammed half-cab transporters to stripped-out air-cooled Porsches and everything else inbetween, this area gets incredibly busy throughout the day and it is therefore imperative to get in early to get the best experience. 
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