American Muscle, Cold Beer and a Warm English Summer Evening... What's Not To Like?

The little details really do complete a build, and give an insight into the owners' style, whilst also tying together the overall aesthetic of the build.

The level of colour co-ordination on this build was fantastic, and very satisfying.

Splattered flies and stone chips - a sure-fire sign that this car is used for what it was built for... driving! Fantastic to see owners using their cars on a regular basis and driving them with some spirit, rather than locking them away in a garage for years on end.

Without a doubt one of the standout cars of the evening was this incredible Big-Turbo, Pinto-powered Ford Poplar, running over 50 PSI of boost. Coupled with a fully-custom interior and an overall immaculate exterior, this is one car we definitely want to see more of here on Exhausted.

The other surprise of the evening was this classic VW Beetle. From the front, it is every-inch a classic show car, immaculate and with fantastic stance, it is sure to draw a crowd anywhere. However, the phrase 'Business up front, Party in the rear' has never suited a car so well, for hanging out the back of this Beetle is a twin-scroll Borg-Warner turbo - now that's one hell of a party trick! 

With the meet being confined to what was a very crowded (and woefully undersized) car park, it meant that creativity with photography angles was a must, in order to avoid repeating the 'usual' shots or having too much clutter in the frame.

There were also some more modern offerings on display, such as this bagged MK6 Golf, on a set of WCI wheels, along with an audio build that took up the entirety of the boot space... variety is the spice of life after all! 

That's all from our coverage of this event, however I hope this has encouraged some of you to check out your local meets - you never know what you might find or who you might meet! 
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