Patina was very much a common feature of a lot of the cars on show, but few stood out to me as much as this Beetle, sitting on its own but far from being ignored.

Its not all about the oldest air-cooled cars, late Beetles are just as welcome in the showground, and as before; Patina is very much acceptable within this niché of the car scene.

Whilst there were many examples of immaculate Karmann Ghias on show, this heavily patina'd example was without a doubt my favourite, having the perfect altitude and a fantastic character to accompany the well-weathered bodywork. For us; Patina tells the story of the car, its' environment, where it has been, how it's been treated before the current owner, it forms part of the history of the car, rather than being an eyesore as some people see it.

Cool Flo were once again showing off their fantastic split-window bus. Vintage graphics on a classic car is a combination that just works perfectly. 

When is a Beetle not a Beetle? The answer: When it is underneath an Austin Allegro body shell. Bryans' whacky creation mates an extended Beetle floorpan and running gear to an Allegro body shell, creating what is almost without a doubt the coolest Austin Allegro to have ever existed. 

As mentioned earlier, Water-cooled VWs are slowly creeping their way into the show, such as this immaculate MK1 Golf GTI on a set of Schmidt TH lines. Not only does this allow more modern owners the chance to display their cars in such fantastic surroundings, but it also helps to break up the repetition of a single-marque only show. 

Remember that Type 181 mentioned earlier? This is it - built and bagged by the creative minds at HR Autoworks. For such a utilitarian vehicle, we can't help but love the way it sits and how fantastic it looks when bagged, going entirely against it's original design purpose for simplicity and practicality.

Robs' whacky 100e on a Beetle floor pan is always a head-turner, with many going in for a closer look to work out what this seemingly out-of-place car is doing as part of the show. 

Finally, I couldn't resist snapping this image of this patina'd Porsche; In itself incredibly interesting and no doubt with a fascinating history to boot, but the fact that it matched the bystanders' jacket almost perfectly made it a photo not to be missed! 

That's all from our event coverage of Volksworld 2018, as always a firm favourite in the show calendar and one we are almost certain to return to next year. With thanks to all the staff & events team for putting on such a fantastic show, and to all the owners and clubs that came out to display such a fantastic variety of cars.

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